Details of our trips


We leave the marina and  turn right, passing under the Derby to Stoke on Trent railway bridge. Approaching Willington Wharf we pass a charming picnic and seating area opposite a row of houses on the right called Chellaston Cottages, which were erected to house railway workers. A few have well tendered allotments that tumble down to the canal.On arrival in Willington we turn at the winding hole and make our leisurely way back to the marina.Total return time is about 45 minutes,depending on traffic and weather conditions.


On leaving the marina we turn left, passing under Potlocks pedestrian bridge. The next point of interest is the Nadee Indian Restaurant and Buckford Bridge. Travelling through the beautiful South Derbyshire countryside and enjoying a tranquil and picturesque experience we then reach Jubilee Woods and the Ballast Hole Pond.During the building of the railway in the 19th century ballast was required, and this was sourced from pits dug alongside the railway. Eventuallly these filled with water to form ponds.The largest in our area is opposite Findern School and is known as Ballast Hole Pond. We reach Stenson Lock, passing the entrance to Stenson Marina and again wind just above the lock.There you can take an optional 30 minute break to maybe try the Lock cafe or the Stenson Bubble Inn.The total return time including the optional stop is approx 2 hours.
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